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Editor’s Afterword

Dad has been practicing medicine all his life, enjoying a good hand and a good heart. Over 60 years of his career, with his dedication and skills, he has saved countless lives, relieving the pains of patients, and benefiting many people.  He is beloved and high respected in the community.  This book records and celebrates his fulfilling and loving life. Although it cannot cover every detail of his brilliant career, it collects many precious medical experiences as well as professional theoretical summaries for the new generation.  It is an immortal monument! What’s more valuable is his passion and dedication, as well as the pursuit of professional excellence in medical craftsmanship. Now, my father is nearly ninety years old, and he is still diligent, curious, and never stops serving and learning, setting an insurmountable life example for us.  Let us wish my father good health and a happy life in his semi-retirement!


[附件1] 发表论文

肝外伤救治中有关问题(综述)全国外科急重症学术会议优秀论文 (190)1995(桂林)

胃十二指肠急性穿孔的手术治疗  全国外科急重症学术会议  (436)1995

闭合性腹膜后十二指肠损伤诊治体会 《交通医学》1995;9(3):43

闭合穿钉治疗股骨颈骨折45例  《骨科临床》1994;13:37


点灸治疗急性软组织损伤187例临床观察 《骨科临床》1994;13:159

肝胆管盆式胆肠内引流1例 《交通医学》1993;7(4):91

成人腹膜后畸胎瘤感染并发慢性脓瘘1例 《交通医学》1993;7(4):368


10 针剌肩隅透极泉配合温灸治疗肩周炎体会 《自然疗法》台湾 1992;15(3):26

11 短肠综合征的外科治疗 《交通医学》1991;5(1):41

12 老年胆石症中西医结合非手术治疗 中华自然疗法首届国际学术大会 1991;中国成都

13 包皮环切术的几点改进 《交通医学》1990;4(7):66

14 胆肠内引流 安徽省三届二次外科年会论文汇编 1988;87

15 胆总管缝线结石6例报告 安徽省三届二次外科年会论文汇编 1988:87

16 PEUTZ 皮.杰氏综合征 蚌埠医学院学报 1982;7(3):214

17 外科截瘫14例分析 安徽省医药卫生学术讲座资料 1982;4(22)21

18 肝左外叶切除治疗肝内结石 《皖南医学》1980;13:51 《国内医学文摘外科分册》(上)1981;39

19 椎弓结核并发截瘫  《芜湖医药》1980;7:47

20 脊椎结核一次手术疗法 安徽省首届骨科年会 1979

21 个案报告  (省三届二次外科年会)





22 译文(全国译文竞赛获奖  英译汉)

      新生儿阑炎:早期诊断线索      单纯手外伤,需要预防使用抗生素吗?      全胰切除的临床经验


[附件2] 有关材料及手术记录

(1)  任职证明(略)

(2)  三、四类手术记录

      全胃切除空肠代胃术 95.04.21      甲状腺癌根治术 94.08.30      闭合性十二指肠腹膜后损伤Berne手术 93.10.7      重症胰腺炎病灶清除+胰床引流 89.11.20      肝内外胆管切开取石、病灶肝切除+“盆式”胆肠内引流 91.04.18      直肠癌Dixon手术 87.04.02

(3)  近5年我科三、四类手术病案199例(略)。

[Annex 1] Publication of papers 

  1. Problems in the Treatment of Liver Trauma (Summary) Excellent Papers of the National Academic Conference on Acute and Severe Surgery (190)1995 (Guilin) 
  2. Surgical treatment of acute gastroduodenal perforation (436), 1995, National Academic Conference on Acute and Severe Surgery 
  3. Experience in diagnosis and treatment of closed retroperitoneal duodenal injury, Traffic Medicine 1995; 93):43 
  4. Treatment of 45 cases of femoral neck fracture with closed nailing, Orthopedic Clinical 1994; twenty three to two p.m. 
  5. 30 cases of foot varus sprain and fracture of the fifth metatarsal base, Anhui Medical Journal, 1994; half past one p.m. 
  6. Clinical observation on 187 cases of acute soft tissue injury treated by point moxibustion (Orthopedic Clinical 1994); 13:159 
  7. One case of hepatobiliary drainage in the basin, Traffic Medicine, 1993; 74):91 
  8. Adult retroperitoneal teratoma infection complicated with chronic purulent fistula: a case report, Traffic Medicine 1993; 74):368 
  9. Analysis on the treatment of scapulohumeral periarthritis by acupuncture at the shoulder corner through the polar spring combined with warm moxibustion (TCM Health Care and Clinical, 1990); 23):13 
  10. Experience of treating scapulohumeral periarthritis with 10 needles through the polar spring in the shoulder corner combined with warm moxibustion “Natural Therapy” Taiwan Province 1992; 153):26 
  11. Surgical treatment of short bowel syndrome “Traffic Medicine” 1991; 51):41 
  12. Non-operative treatment of cholelithiasis in the elderly with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine; the first international academic conference of Chinese naturopathy in 1991; Chengdu, China 
  13. Some improvements of circumcision “Traffic Medicine” 1990; 47):66 
  14. Biliary intestinal drainage. Compilation of Papers of the Third Annual Surgery Conference of Anhui Province, 1988; Eighty-seven 
  15. Report of 6 cases of choledocholithiasis suture, Collection of Papers of the Third Second Annual Surgical Meeting of Anhui Province, 1988: 87 
  16. Peutz’s syndrome, Journal of Bengbu Medical College, 1982; 73):214 
  17. Analysis of 14 cases of surgical paraplegia; Materials of Anhui Medical and Health Academic Lecture 1982; 42221 
  18. The left lateral lobe of the liver is resected to treat hepatolithiasis. Wannan Medicine 1980; 13: 51 Domestic Medical Abstracts Surgery (Part 1) 1981; Thirty-nine 
  19. Pedicle tuberculosis complicated with paraplegia Wuhu Medicine 1980; thirteen to eight 
  20. One-time surgical treatment of spinal tuberculosis The First Annual Orthopedic Meeting of Anhui Province 1979 
  21. case report (the third annual surgical meeting of the province) Subdural lipoma with high paraplegia Primary repair of congenital omphalocele succeeded. Subacute perforation of gastric malignant lymphoma Subcutaneous heterotopic pancreas of abdominal wall 
  22. The national translation competition won the prize. 6. Neonatal orchitis: early diagnosis clue is simple hand trauma. Do you need to prevent the use of antibiotics? Clinical experience of total pancreatectomy  

[Annex 2] Relevant materials and surgical records 

  1. Certificate of appointment (omitted) 
  2. three or four kinds of surgical records Total gastrectomy with jejunum instead of stomach 95.04.21 Radical thyroidectomy 94.08.30 Closed retroperitoneal injury of duodenum Berne operation 93.10.7 Focal clearance of severe pancreatitis+pancreatic bed drainage 89.11.20 Incision of intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile duct for stone removal, hepatectomy of focus+”basin” biliary and intestinal drainage 91.04.18 Dixon operation for rectal cancer 87.00. 
  3. In recent 5 years, there were 199 cases of class III and IV surgical cases in our department (omitted).



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