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NetBase Solutions, Inc.

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NetBase Solutions, Inc.
Industry Market Research
Founded 2004
Founder Jonathan Spier and Michael Osofsky
Headquarters Mountain View, CA, USA
Area served
Key people
Peter Caswell, CEO
Mark Bowles, CTO
Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO
Dr. Wei Li, Chief Scientist
Products NetBase Insight Workbench

NetBase Solutions, Inc. is a Mountain View, CA based developer of natural language processing technology used to analyze social media and other web content. It was founded by two engineers from Ariba in 2004 as Accelovation, before changing names to NetBase in 2008. It has raised a total of $21 million in funding. It's sold primarily on a subscription basis to large companies to conduct market research and social media marketing analytics. NetBase has been used to evaluate the top reasons men wear stubble, the products Kraft should develop and the favorite tech company based on digital conversations.


NetBase was founded by Jonathan Spier and Michael Osofsky, both of whom were engineers at Ariba, in 2004 as Accelovation, based on the combination of the words “acceleration” and “innovation.”[1][2] It raised $3 million in funding in 2005, followed by another $4 million in 2007.[1][3] The company changed its name to NetBase in February 2008.[4][5]

It developed its analytics tools in March 2010 and began publishing monthly brand passion indexes (BPI) comparing brands in a market segment using the tool shortly afterwards.[6] In 2010 it raised $9 million in additional funding and another $2.5 million in debt financing.[1][3] NetBase Insight Workbench was released in March 2011 and a partnership was formed with SAP AG that December for SAP to resell NetBase's software.[7] In April 2011, a new CEO Peter Caswell was appointed.[8] Former TIBCO co-inventor, patent author and CTO Mark Bowles is now the CTO at NetBase and held responsible for many technical achievements in scalability.[9]

Software and services

Screenshot of NetBase Insight Workbench dashboard

NetBase sells a tool called NetBase Insight Workbench that gives market researchers and social marketers a set of analytics, charts and research tools on a subscription basis. ConsumerBase is what the company calls the back-end that collects and analyzes the data. NetBase targets market research firms and social media marketing departments, primarily at large enterprises with a price-point of around $100,000.[10][11] NetBase is also white-labeled by Reed Elsevier in a product called illumin8.[12]


For the average NetBase user, 12 months of activity is twenty billion sound bytes from just over seven billion digital documents. The company claims to index 50,000 sentences a minute from sources like public-facing Facebook, blogs, forums, Twitter and consumer review sites.[13][14]

According to a story in InformationWeek, Kraft uses NetBase to measure customer needs and conduct market research for new product ideas.[15] In 2011 the company released a report based on 18 billion postings over twelve months on the most loved tech companies., Cisco Systems and Netflix were among the top three.[16] Also in 2011, NetBase found that the news of Osama Bin Laden eclipsed the royal wedding and the Japan earthquake in online activity.[17]

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立委博士,问问副总裁,聚焦大模型及其应用。Netbase前首席科学家10年,期间指挥研发了18种语言的理解和应用系统,鲁棒、线速,scale up to 社会媒体大数据,语义落地到舆情挖掘产品,成为美国NLP工业落地的领跑者。Cymfony前研发副总八年,曾荣获第一届问答系统第一名(TREC-8 QA Track),并赢得17个小企业创新研究的信息抽取项目(PI for 17 SBIRs)。


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