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Posted by: 立委
Date: February 10, 2007 11:59PM

Great Wall 

Today me and my cousin Da Bao are going to the Great Wall. When we got there, we took a cable car to one part of the Great Wall. My cousin and me walked and walked until the end of the wall. Once we got there, we took a picture to remember the day we climbed the Great Wall. 

Tian An Men 

Today me and my dad are going to Tian An men to fly kites. When we got to Tian An Men, my dad bought me 2 kites, one actually didn't fly and one flied very well. Then a lady convinced us to go to an art museum to look at paintings. 

Night View 
Night View of Tian An men 

My uncle and my family are going to take my uncle's car to see the night view of Tian An Men. It was maginificent. the entire street was filled with all kinds of restaurants and buildings. The best thing to see was Tian An Men. It was full of pretty lights. Me and my cousin wanted to go in Tan An Men, but we couldn't: it was closed. 


We went on an airplane to get to China. We stopped at the airport 3 times, once at Detroit, once at Tokyo, and finally Beijing. 

How many miles did you travel: 

6,400 miles 

Mrs Lennert (Teacher)'s comment: 

What a wonderful trip: one you will always remember! 

My Birthday in Beijing 

Today is my birthday. My mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma plan to call all my relatives, and take them to a restaurant. We ate fish, chicken, pork, and all kinds of green vegetable. 


Today me, my uncle and Da Bao are going to a park. 1/2 of it was an amusement park and another 1/2 is a flower patch. First we played bumper cars, then we rowed a boat, but we couldn't row it very well. We almost got stranded in the water. After that, we played a game and got a prize. 

Summer Palace 

Today me, my dad, my uncle, and Da Bao are going to Summer Palace to see the flowers. We saw bamboo, peach flowers and plum flowers. Later, we went through the longest painting corridor. Then we drove a boat around the Summer palace. 

Wuhan Cherry Blossoms 

Today me and my family are going to Wuhan. When we got there, we went to see cherry blossoms. My uncle took lots of beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms. 

Visit Dad's teacher 

Today me and my dad are going to visit his teacher. My dad's teacher can speak English and she was my dad's English teacher. She gave me a Chinese calligraphy book to read. 

My dad's trick 

Today is April Fool's Day. My Dad sent a text message to his friend. He tried to trick his friend into thinking April First is the only day his friend can get a free trip to Canada. His friend replied, "really?" My Dad replied, "April Fool"! 


Today me and my family are going to a banquet with my Dad's master degree advisor. He is an old man named Professor Liu. 

My favorite restaurant 

My favorite restaurant is Guo Lin. We went there 3 times. Each time we ordered different dishes. There are all kinds of dishes like fish, kung pao chicken, Chinese and Indian pizza, and all kinds of soup. 

My favorite place 

My favorite place is Summer Palace because it has a lot of flowers, fake mountains, willows and boats to ride. There is a long corridor of paintings; every inch of it has a painting. 

(during Spring Break, 2005)

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《甜甜花絮:第二期 2004.03.05》 (3674 bytes)
Posted by: 立委
Date: February 10, 2007 11:49PM

Self Introduction 


My name is Tanya Lee. 
I go to North Forest Elementary. I am 7 years, 11 months and 10 days old. 
I will soon have a greatest Birthday Party (I can't wait!). 
I am now in Grade Two. 
I have tons of hobbies. 
My favorite hobbies are Swimming, Figure Skating, Ballet, Piano, all kinds of computer games, -- and, of course, telling jokes. 
Here is a joke for you. 

我叫李甜甜。我在北部森林小学就读。我7岁11个月零10天。我生日快到了,将举行一个很大的生日派对(我都等不急了!) 。我现在在二年级。我有很多很多业余爱好。我最喜爱游泳、花样滑冰、芭蕾、钢琴, 各种各样的电脑游戏, -- 哦, 当然, 我还爱讲笑话。给您讲一个笑话吧。 

Eat Chocolate Movie? 
A Joke for You 

Last summer, me and my family went to New York City. 
We visited American Museum of Natural History. 
We were going to see an IMAX movie. 
The man selling the tickets asked my dad, 
"Are you going to see the 'Chocolate' movie?" 
My dad said, "no!" 
"Why not?" 
"I don't want my teeth to be ruined!" 
"O, you are going to WATCH the movie, 
you are not going to EAT the movie!" 

去年夏天, 我和我家去纽约旅游。我们访问了美国自然历史博物馆。我们打算看IMAX巨屏电影。卖票的叔叔问我爸爸, "您要看名为'巧克力'的电影么?" 我的爸爸说, "不要!" "为什么不看?" "我不想坏我的牙!" "哦, 您是看电影, 您并不是吃电影呀!" 

Surprise Comments 

From time to time, Tanya surprises us by some spontaneous comments we never expected a kid to utter. 
Recently, she saw a message in my computer screen "feel young" and commented promptly: 
"It is good to feel young, but it is better to BE young." I was amazed. 

A couple of years ago, we went past a Jewelry Counter when Tanya made a comment: "This cultured pearl looks better than that freshwater pearl." 
"My God", the shop assistant could not believe this from a 5-year-old kid. 


时不时, 甜甜会突然冒出一些惊人妙语。最近, 她看到我的计算机屏幕上一行字"感受年轻"。甜甜及时评论道: "感受年轻固然好, 但本身就年轻岂不更好。" 我惊异万分。 两三年前, 我们走过一个珠宝柜台,甜甜作出了如下评论: "这颗养珠比那颗淡水珠好很多。" "我的天", 售货员不能相信此话出自一个5岁孩子之口。 

My Dad (by Tanya in Grade 1) 

I love my Dad. 
My Dad likes to play with me. 
We play Freddy Fish on the computer. 
My Dad is the greatest. 
My Dad gets me ice cream. 
My Dad is fun! 

My Family (by Tanya in Grade 1) 
My family likes to go shopping. 
I love my family. 
We have fun playing on the computers. 
My family is the best. 






04.02.11, 今天下午一点,甜甜学校举行面向家长的学生项目汇报,项目是在老师指导下制作的画册或书,自行出版。 【像册上网】甜甜去年制作的一年级作品已经扫描上网,记录的是甜甜的学校生活。甜甜出版的第一本画册:《Remember when...》 


04.02.12, 甜甜学校举行情人节聚会。 【像册上网】甜甜制作的卡片上网:甜甜的情人节卡片其他卡片

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《甜甜花絮:第三期 2004.04.08》 (3129 bytes)
Posted by: 立委
Date: February 10, 2007 11:45PM

Top girl student in class 

BY William & Tanya 

The other day, Tanya told me, "you know, Dad, I am the top student in my class." I asked, 'How do you know it?" She said, "we have three advanced clubs: Hard Math, Hard Spelling, and Hard Reading. Only Adam and I were selected to all these three clubs." "So, Adam is also the top student." "Yes, he is the top boy student and I am the top girl student. We are a tie. " 

April 8, 2004 

Tanya likes writing. She told me that she was the fastest writer in her class. She likes to use "big words". She told me that she wanted to surprise her teacher by taking diaries everyday in this Sping Recess. And she did it - so far, one full page a day. Yesterday, she felt that "diary"is too small a word for her writing, and began claiming to write her "essays". "I still have an essay to write," she said last night. But she was too sleepy to finish her essay. I am sure she will finish it today 

"Teach me more math" 

"Adam is better than me at division, but I am better than him at square root. Dad, can you teach me more about division? And also cubic and cubic root? Adam does not know cubic root yet." 

I wonder how she became top since she did not really get enough time for reading and spelling exercise. Most of time is spent on piano and Chinese, and some on math. But I found she reads and writes fairly well for her age, with an ever increasing vocabulary. 


04.02.18, 【家庭录像】甜甜参加著名作曲家 David Karp 主办的钢琴表演,获得作曲家青睐。 表演完后,作曲家特地邀请甜甜单独为其夫人再弹一遍。2003秋:甜甜参加钢琴表演(节选) 

04.02.17, 【明星动态】在这个家人亲友网页,明星当然是甜甜。 

除了给甜甜创造尽可能好的教育和成长环境,我们的原则是任其自由发展。其结果是甜甜非常主动,善于社交,不像我们,见到人多,就躲到角落去。甜甜的生活内容,除了上学(8点上学到下午2点半放学)和参加课外班,满脑袋就是一个“玩”字.首先是电子游戏,Gameboy不离手。另有Playstation 2, computer games, 网络游戏,还包括我的手机和iPod随身听上的游戏,全部玩得烂熟.商场也到处有游戏机,苹果专卖店也提供玩电脑游戏的优越条件。不过,“教育性游戏”,寓教于乐,我们倒是鼓励她玩,见到年龄合适的教育游戏就买,甜甜得益不浅。其次是电视,以前只喜欢动画片和儿童节目,最近一年开始看Nick频道的老少咸宜的喜剧系列,如,Full House, Cosby Show, 和 Three's Company. 甜甜的英文俗语俚语,大多是从这些电视节目学来的(还有就是源于待她如亲孙女的邻居老太太 Grandma Lucy)。课外班目前有“钢琴”(周三晚上),“中文”(周六上午),“芭蕾班”和“Tap and Jazz 舞蹈班”(周五晚上),“游泳”(周六下午),“滑冰”(正在考虑参加周六中午的“中文舞蹈班”)。学校的家庭作业很少,留的算术作业太简单,甜甜通常5分钟搞定,其他如英文词汇、作文作业,甜甜也不费吹灰之力。现在花时间最多的是钢琴(每天2个小时以上练琴)和汉字练习,我们觉得这两项是一辈子受益的事情,非苦练不能长进。好在妈妈盯得很紧,甜甜在钢琴和中文两个班都是优秀生。钢琴去年正式比赛得最高成绩 Superior, 今年的赛事也在积极备战中。中文跳了半级后,几次考试仍是第一。Mary 功不可没。

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