In Commemoration of Mingjie Li’s 66 Years of Medical Practice

Collected Works in Commemoration of Mingjie Li’s 66 Years of Medical Practice


© Mingjie Li

Dr. Mingjie Li has been practicing medicine for over 60 years. This collection, compiled to commemorate his amazing career, includes three sections: (i) career memoirs, (ii) medicine papers, and (iii) medicine education. The publication of his medicine papers is the culmination of his extensive experience and expertise in the field. His work has been recognized by his peers for its professional value and rigorous style. In addition to surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics, and gynecology, his work at times also incorporates elements of traditional Chinese medicine. The "Operation Records" section in the appendix provides detailed descriptions of operation procedures and emergency measures, making it a valuable reference for professionals in the field. The "Education Section" highlights Dr. Li's practical experiences and medical training materials he compiled, providing valuable insights into a range of clinical topics. Overall, this collection serves as a testament to Dr. Li's impressive career and contributions to the field of medicine.

August 2023, Wuhu, Anhui, China



Table of content

I:  Career memoirs

My career as surgeon

Debriefing report

Service beyond my hospital

Career Path and self review

Dad's medical career

II:  medicine papers

Regular resection of left lateral lobe of liver for intrahepatic calculi

PEUTZ syndrome

Surgical management study of hepatic injury

Surgical treatment of acute gastroduodenal perforation

Diagnosis and treatment of closed retroperitoneal duodenal injury

Surgical treatment of short bowel syndrome

Hepatobiliary basin type biliary-enteric drainage

Biliary enteric drainage

Several special problems in diagnosis and treatment of biliary tract surgery

Diagnosis and treatment of close duodenal retroperitoneal injury

Misdiagnosis of subacute perforated peritonitis in gastric malignant lymphoma

Adult retroperitoneal teratoma infection complicated with chronic purulent fistula

Lighter foreign body in stomach

Primary repair of congenital omphalocele

Recurrent stones in common bile duct with suture as core

A case of plastic tube foreign body in bladder

Abdominal trauma

Subcutaneous heterotopic pancreas of abdominal wall

Several improvement measures of circumcision

Clinical observation of a new minimally invasive circumcision

A surgical treatment of spinal tuberculosis

Transpedicular tuberculosis complicated with paraplegia

Surgical analysis of surgical paraplegia

Lipoma under soft spinal membrane complicated with high paraplegia

Treatment of femoral neck fracture with closed nailing

Fifth metatarsal fracture caused by varus sprain

Intervertebral disc excision in community health centers

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Xu Jingbin' s medical career

Intrauterine abortion combined with tubal pregnancy rupture

Rivanol induction of labour by amnion cavity injection

Extraperitoneal cesarean section

Prevention and treatment of trichomonas vaginalis and mold infection

Non-operative treatment of senile cholelithiasis with integrated traditional chinese medicine

Treatment of acute soft tissue injury with moxibustion

Treatment of scapulohumeral periarthritis with acupuncture combined with warm moxibustion

IV:  medicine education

Level 4 Surgery

New concept of modern surgical blood transfusion

Extrahepatic biliary injuries

Surgical treatment of thyroid cancer

Indications of splenectomy  and effects on body after splenectomy

Treatment of carcinoma of pancreas head  and carcinoma of ampulla

Treatment of cardiac cancer

Treatment of recurrent ulcer after subtotal gastrectomy

Treatment points of radical resection of colon cancer

Medicine Lecture Notes

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